The Funding Phase

I am introducing myself and my intentions. I am the MD artist, the butler, and the 1st architect of Atlantean Ranch.

I will be retaining $100,000 of the funding money which is upwards of 6 Million in total. I will use this to do three things. First, I will buy a moderately priced conversion van to live in and construct the Atlantean Ranch from. Next, I feel that I need to pay my parents back what's left of my college tuition since I dropped out in my senior year to materialize this deeply seeded vision for a new type of community. Lastly, I need money for gas and food during this time. I will also receive a 5.55% royalty for all resales. I will be using this to assist Atlantean Ranch projects and fund community start ups of my choice. Please take a look at the projects page for more info on what this might look like.

I was raised in Missouri in the woods as part of a family of eight. I was the second oldest. I'm now a full-time D1 athlete. I wouldn't have accomplished that first dream if I hadn't won the 1st award in Microbiology at Intel's International Science and Engineering fair in high-school. I used that award money to pay my athletic club dues. I coached and worked fast-food while training 4 hours a day. I wanted to go to school and be a dentist, I eventually gave up that sense of security and dropped out to when I saw the green light to make this dream a reality. I'm all in, are you?

I will be blogging the construction process immediately after the initial collection sells out. If you have the means, come park and meet me on the property. Set up a camp even. I'm sure we will create some amazing memories together.

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